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Daniella At 6.5 Months

Daniella At 6.5 Months

Daniella is 6.5 months pregnant & already has her boobs resting in the top of her growing belly.
Says hello Turns for a profile view. Bends forward for a hanging belly profile. Pulls the top up. & turns to her right.
Top off to reveal a deep purple bra. Plays with her boobs rubbing in some soothing lotion. Her nipples were a bit frayed.
Lifts the boobs. Jiggles them. Bends forward & swings them side to side. Jumps for some bouncing. Colliding boobs.
Hands on her boobs now with matching gloves. Bermuda triangle pose. Squeezes her nipples. Takes her bra off.
Puts the bra strap hard over her nipple to squish her boob.

Stars: Daniella

Studio: 97% Amateurs
Running Time: 00:31:23

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